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Start a Chapter Request Form

NSNA Constituency Application

Reasons to Join

  • To share the experience
  • Passion for the profession
  • To have a voice
  • Broaden knowledge
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Career building
  • Convention
  • Benefits
  • Access to professional role models
  • Community outreach

What Do I Need?

1. Faculty Advisor

  • One of the first steps to creating an organization is to check with your school or non-profit organizations for fund raising.
  • Many faculty advisors are themselves active in nursing organizations and can serve as a catalyst for NSNA involvement.

2. 10 Members of NSNA

  • Deadline for having ten NSNA member is February 15, 2023.
  • New CNSA/NSNA member - $35, CNSA/NSNA 1 year renewal membership - $40, 2 year membership - $70

3. Bylaws

  • The bylaws should be approved not only by the Faculty Advisor but the Dean as well.
  • Sample bylaws are available on NSNA's website.

 How to Maintain Active Status


The online form must be filled out annually by state and school chapters. It is important for chapters to fill out this form in order for members to be eligible to vote in the House of Delegates.


The Constituency Application must be completed online by April 15, 2023. Elected school officers are responsible for signing and submitting the application for constituency. 


It is required to submit meeting minutes for every meeting you hold. Minutes are legal documents.

Below are links to resources that official NSNA chapters will need when establishing and operating their organizations.

Social Media Chapter Tool Kit

NSNA Constituency Application